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Getting kids organised?

This is my foray into blogging for education.

I was looking at ways or structures that can help students (and myself) organise our thoughts and actions be it in learning or just managing life in general and came across looking for tools on project management.

It made sense that we sometimes focus too much on knowledge imparting and even very buzzy skills build up talk on critical/creative thinking. We forget that many of us (including myself) have difficulty getting started on things we need to do, and at times, have it tough managing the whole process. To put it simply, if you want learn something, it helps to physically and mentally structure our thoughts, and environment for it to take place effectively.

Let’s start with something simple. Using a “Ready – Do – Done” space for instance helps a person focus on the task at hand by:
– Getting materials in place e.g. pencil, paper, references

– A space to focus on the task at hand

– Checking off the items to be done
– quite motivating to see how things are getting completed

To push the concept further, it helps in the following:
1. Having a sense of what the goal is (completion involves A+B+C)
2. Readying the mind by creating focus/minimising distractions
3. Creating belief and habits that things can be done and done well at that

This might actually help us manage ourselves better.

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Posted byMr Thomas Jeremy Lee

Humanities Department

Raffles Girls’ School

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