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Learning Chemistry with Technology

In engaging students in the learning of Science during curriculum class time, innovative teaching strategies are employed to engage students’ learning and develop critical thinking skills.

The use of informative and communicative tools is helpful to facilitate innovative classroom teaching.

In one particular lesson on explaining the trends of ionisation energy for period 2 and 3 elements, instead of the usual frontier teaching, students engaged in group discussion after they extracted the ionisation energy data from a website to present the data in a table and graphical manner. They would then share their discussion points on Google documents to be presented to the entire class. Students were very receptive to the use of ICT for self-directed and collaborative learning. Moreover, the activity also developed students’ interpretation, data handling and presentation skills etc.

Here is the Chemistry Lesson Plan.  The lesson was conducted in 2012 for five secondary three Chemistry classes.


Posted by:Christopher Foo

Science Department

Raffles Girls’ School

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