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Using Tricider for Collaborative Learning

Recently, I have been introduced to this free online collaborative tool known as the Tricider. Like many other tools we are aware of, the tool is free and allows multiple parties to be online to share their opinions, though I believe the drawback for this is it only allows 20 at once. Most importantly, you do not need to sign up for an account to use it, thus hassle free!

I have used this tool in my lesson planning and have tried with my colleagues. It is useful for inquiry approaches. Firstly, type in the question you want your students to explore. The tool will generate a link which your students could then conveniently access to post their opinions. The additional advantage of this tool is that it allows others to vote for the best opinion. This can be done by clicking on the ‘Vote’ button next to every response. Additionally, user can also give qualitative comments, feedbacks by click on the ‘+’ icon if he likes the opinion and want to commend on it, or ‘-‘ if he doesn’t and would like to highlight on limitations or ways to improve. As such, Tricider is also a peer evaluating tool.

Students could share their responses with each other and at the same time use the peer evaluate function to probe for clarifications or just to find out how many in the class would share the same opinion. This is a tool that would definitely appeal to students of all levels and disciplines.

Posted by:Mr. Yeo Jun Han

Humanities Department

Raffles Girls’ School

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