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Learning Technologies Bulletin 12: Digital Reading

This bulletin shares trends and practices relating to ICT use in the classroom and also provides useful nuggets of information related to ICT use for your interest and exploration.
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In Focus: Digital Reading

In Raffles Girls School (Secondary), the approach in the use of ICT in classroom is 1:1.

Many of us may have experimented with getting students to work with readings/handouts in soft copy instead of printing hard-copy handouts.

Find out more about digital reading and its place in the classroom with these interesting articles:

  • Classroom tips for a 1:1 environment
  • Can readers ‘go deep’ with digital reading?
  • How to foster critical reading in a digital context
  • Why we should move on from the ‘Paper VS Digital’ Debate
  • Reading on the Internet: Beware the ‘Power Browse’.
  • Trends in reading rates and reading achievement over time
  • Being a Better Online Reader
  • The virtues of different modes of reading: close-reading, skimming, and digitally-enhanced processing

    We hope that you will find the information helpful.

    Feedback and suggestions are welcome! Please leave a comment below about what you would like to see in this bulletin.


    Posted by: Pamela Ng, Sharon Siow, Shen Mei Ling and Caroline Tng

    Learning Technologies Team (LTT)

    Raffles Girls’ School

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