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Learning Technologies Bulletin 13: EDpuzzle

This bulletin shares trends and practices relating to ICT use in the classroom and also provides useful nuggets of information related to ICT use for your interest and exploration.
Handy Tool: EDpuzzle

Having any issue(s) creating a Learning package? Have NO fear with this fantastic Tool!

EDpuzzle is a very simple tool that guides teachers through the video lesson creation process. A teacher can make full use of the videos s/he has access to. It is also surprisingly easy to create individualised video lessons for different students to cater to their particular needs or areas of interest!

Features of EDpuzzle

  • Very easy to use
  • Login using Edmodo accounts
  • Build on existing published video lessons
  • Search for video content from multiple sources within the site (khanacademy, TED Ed, CrashCourse, Youtube, just to name a few), or upload your own video. It’s also easy to “crop” videos and add audio tracks.
  • Insert questions anywhere in the video you want and have multiple choice questions automatically graded and tracked!
  • See which students have watched the video and how they fared on each question!
  • Set due date for students
  • Decide whether you allow students to skip any section of the video
  • Students can attempt the video lesson on any devices using edpuzzle app
  • Install a chrome extension to edit on any good online videos on your browser
  • Students can set their own video quizzes
  • You can embed the lesson in your blog
  • Completely FREE of charge!

It’s worth your time to check out EDpuzzle.

In Focus: Emerging Technology

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We hope that you will find the information helpful.

Feedback and suggestions are welcome! Please leave a comment below about what you would like to see in this bulletin.

Posted by: Pamela Ng, Sharon Siow, Shen Mei Ling and Caroline Tng

Learning Technologies Team (LTT)

Raffles Girls’ School

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