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Learning by Doing through Research Studies

We are a team of Secondary 4 students who has recently concluded a 1.5 year research study under the guidance of a teacher mentor on Volunteerism. The research knowledge and skills gained has been invaluable to us. We also developed a deeper understanding on the topic on Volunteerism. We thus seek to share more about our experiences here, hoping to benefit anyone interested in conducting Social Sciences research. (more…)

Inquiry-based Learning through Research Studies


We are a group of secondary 4 students who completed a Research Studies project to find out about the influence of parental involvement on a child’s emotional well being.

The student-centred nature of our research allows us to cultivate skills in making wise decisions and enhance our collaboration and communication skills. This research was also instrumental in making us think more critically and inspired us in our journey of self-discovery. We hope to use this platform to share our experiences and to demonstrate why inquiry-based learning, like Research Studies, is beneficial to students like us.

Background Information (more…)

The Professional Learning Community: Facilitating “Teacher Thinking” to Solve Classroom Problems | SingTeach | Education Research for Teachers

Have you ever wonder, beyond the grades, how do teachers know if students are learning? How have teachers made a difference?
Sharing this article co-written by Ms Masturah and Ms Tan Yen Chuan, published on SingTeach Issue 61, June 2017

Source: The Professional Learning Community: Facilitating “Teacher Thinking” to Solve Classroom Problems | SingTeach | Education Research for Teachers






Higher Order Thinking in an ICT-infused Higher Tamil Classroom


Subject Higher Tamil Language
Level: Year 3
Theme : Community and Nation
Topic: Social Service
Macro-concept: System
Enduring Understanding: Students understand the role of the youth in their community, and that they have a duty to serve the community.
Essential Questions: What are the roles of the youth in the family and community?
 Curricular or Pedagogical Focus / Lens Concept-based Instruction


Through the reading of the text and listening to the movie song, the students will understand that they have to give back to the community through doing social service.


Higher order thinking in a Social Studies lesson on National Identity

Subject: Social Studies
Level:  Y4
Topic: Singapore and Globalisation: Impact on Identity


Bloom’s taxonomy places “creating” as the highest order of thinking. In this lesson, students were given the opportunity to demonstrate their understanding of national identity by creating a product: an index to measure national identity.

“Give the pupils something to do, not something to learn; and the doing is of such a nature as to demand thinking; learning naturally results” (Dewey, 1916). (more…)

Insights into Inquiry-based Learning by an ex-student

I am a former student who graduated from Raffles Girls’ Schoool (RGS) in 2013. Recently, I had the opportunity to intern at RGS for 2 months.

During my stint there, my Geography teacher, Mrs Eriyanty Mohammad, invited me to join her and Ms Nurashikin for an excursion with some Year 1 students. The excursion to Peninsula Plaza was for the Regional Studies Programme (RSP) students to gain some insights into the Burmese community in Singapore. I jumped at the chance almost immediately. I fondly remember going for such excursions while I was a student and my RSP teachers had also taken us to Golden Mile Complex and Lucky Plaza for us to have a better understanding of some foreign communities in Singapore. (more…)